5 Older Philanthropists You Need to Know About

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Some of the wealthiest individuals on the planet are also extremely devoted to several charitable efforts. Every year, philanthropists donate billions of dollars to established organizations or create facilities designed to better life for others. Many philanthropists happen to be senior citizens. Here are five seniors who are well known for their philanthropic efforts. 

1. Eli Broad

Broad and his wife Edythe strive to encourage others to become entrepreneurs in scientific endeavors. As billionaire art collectors, the Broads have donated generously to fund stem cell research at three different California Universities. The projects funded by the Broads enabled researchers to find a cure for one immunodeficiency disease and discover ways to manage macular degeneration, which affects many older adults. The couple also funds the medical research performed by young scientists, which is not at a point to receive federal grants. To date, the Broads have donated more than $400 million in scientific research. 

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2. Paul Allen

Allen is known for having worked beside Bill Gates to found the Microsoft Corporation. He generously uses his wealth to benefit the health and wellbeing of others along with conserving the planet. His philanthropic activities began in 2003 when he established the Allen Institute for Brain Science, which was created to better understand the brain and its functions. Allen donated millions of dollars to fight the Ebola epidemic, spent $100 million to establish the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, and heavily invested in data-driven climate modeling. 

3. Jon Huntsman Sr.

Huntsman lends his fortune to eliminating cancer. He established and currently funds the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City. With Huntsman’s help, the facility recently opened a $173 million expansion, which included a biotechnology center. The new location features the latest laboratory equipment for genetic imaging and sequencing. In the event of his death, Huntsman plans to leave his estate to the cancer institute.

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4. William Barron Hilton

Hilton and his family are well known for their extravagant lifestyle. However, this family patriarch has also been known for his charitable efforts. The noted hotel mogul established the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation. He vows to donate more than 95 percent of his wealth for the organization to shelter the homeless, offer employment training to anyone not able to afford an education, and ensure disabled youngsters get an education. The foundation offers resources worldwide. Hilton plans to fund the project with more than $2 billion. 

5. Sanford Weill

Weill and his beloved wife Joan remain devoted to the cause of ending Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurological diseases. The head of CitiCorp and his wife donated $185 million in 2016 to establish the UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences. Within the facility, neuroscientists and psychiatrists combine efforts to better understand various neurological disease processes and find cures. The well-equipped institute also contains treatment centers along with laboratories.

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