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5 Great Books for Seniors with Dementia

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Having dementia doesn’t mean your senior loved one has to give up reading altogether. There are many well-written books that can be stimulating and engaging for someone living with a dementia-related condition. Here are five of the best books likely to be appealing and relatable for a loved one you’re caring for who has dementia.

1. What the Wind Showed to Me

This book by Emma Rose Sparrow is meant to give someone with dementia a self-esteem boost. What’s especially appealing about What the Wind Showed to Me is that it never comes out and says it’s about someone with cognitive challenges. This is part of a series of books by this author that are written in a similar uplifting tone that’s easy to follow. Other books in the series include:

A Dusting of Snow
The Sandy Shoreline
Three Things
Autumn’s Display

Note: Sparrow has written some books specifically for people with more severe forms of dementia. One of these is A Bevy of Blue: Picture Book for Dementia Patients.

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2. Remembering for Both of Us: A Child Learns about Alzheimer’s

It’s sometimes difficult for people with dementia to explain their condition to grandchildren. In this book, Charlotte Wood presents the story of a grandmother who has to help her granddaughter understand why Grandpa is having difficulty remembering things. It’s a touching yet positive tale older adults with dementia can use to explain their condition to younger kids who are important to them.

3. Wishing on a Star

Staying connected to the world isn’t always easy for seniors with dementia, especially those who have progressive forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s. Lydia Burdick and Jane Freeman created a read-aloud book with big, bright pictures and interesting and engaging stories. It’s a book caregivers can read with their loved ones to help them maintain important and meaningful personal connections.

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4. Color Your Mind

Best-selling author and award-winning journalist Maria Shriver has put together an interactive book for people with dementia that focuses on several aspects of memory-related conditions. First of all, the act of coloring can help seniors maintain and enhance their hand-eye coordination skills. Secondly, the book can be used to encourage interactions with caregivers and family members. It also offers:

• An easy-to-follow format
• Simple and creative projects
• A positive sense of humor that makes the book enjoyable

5. Memory Activity Book

Put together by AARP, this book is designed to inspire people with dementia to stay active. It includes more than 70 activities that stimulate the brain and encourage active participation, and it’s beneficial because it stimulates the different parts of the brain that control cognitive and motor functions. What’s also good about this book is that you can simply browse through it with your loved one until you find an activity that appeals to him or her. The book also includes:

• Step-by-step instructions for each activity
• Explanations of the benefits associated with each suggested activity
• Recommendations for how to make appropriate modifications to fit your loved one’s capabilities

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