7 Games That Enhance Memory in Older Adults

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Older adults need regular mental stimulation. When seniors participate in brain-stimulating activities, they can enhance their memory and quality of life. Here are some games that are good for boosting memory in the golden years.

1. Puzzles

When solving jigsaw puzzles, older adults need to use their short-term memory to sort through the various colors, shapes, and sizes of the puzzle pieces. The more pieces to the puzzle, the more the brain needs to work. Putting together puzzles can increase the amount of dopamine in the brain, which leads to better concentration skills.

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2. Scavenger Hunts

Seniors need to use their sense of direction when navigating the home, backyard, park, or any other place where the scavenger hunt is taking place. Searching for objects requires older adults to use their thinking skills, which can boost their memory.

3. Bingo

Playing bingo requires concentration, which boosts short-term memory skills. When playing this game, your loved one needs to quickly place the chips on the corresponding squares, which increases coordination. Engaging in a game of bingo also enhances social skills and leads to better relationships and effective communication abilities.

4. Chess

Seniors need to rely on their short-term memory to play chess. When moving the chess pieces around, your loved one relies on his or her thinking skills to analyze and plot the next move. Playing a game of chess may also boost your parent’s long-term memory because he or she will need to use past strategies and retained information to defeat the opponent.

5. Grocery List Game

To play a grocery list game, players need to form a circle and take turns stating an item that can be purchased from the grocery store. Each player repeats the items listed by the players before them and adds a new item at the end of the sentence. Playing the grocery list game increases memory retention, boosts brain health, and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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6. Card Games

Poker, spades, bridge, and UNO are some fun card games seniors may enjoy playing. Engaging in a game of cards could stimulate brain hormones that boost creativity, lower the risk of memory loss, enhance productivity, alleviate depression, and reduce stress levels.

7. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is a fun game that boosts memory and overall cognitive health. Older adults need to concentrate to avoid elimination, and the music playing in the background can soothe agitation in those with cognitive issues.

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